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JGP Trading & Contracting Co. was established with the objective to provide complete HVAC, Electro-Mechanical and Industrial Insulations for equipments and distribution of products for major projects. The company has the expertise and the ability to supply all electro-mechanical needs for projects to international contractors, consultants, OEM manufacturers and end-users.

Recognizes the need of providing an organized, full range of support to clients, contractors and consultants, from job take-off, selections, technical submittal, and quotation proposals through financing, purchasing, delivery, and after-sale services and support.


We have through the last couple of years been expanding our business operation in Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries. We have successfully established mutual beneficially business relationship with companies all over the world and especially from United States, Europe and Asia to supply HVAC and industrial insulation, Electro-Mechanical equipments and accessories for Saudi Oil Companies, Saudi Petrochemical Companies, Saudi Electric Company and other major contractors.


We are a company, that since our establishment, has specialized in industrial services and trading having representation from reputed manufacturers to supply Ventilation Equipments, Industrial Insulations (Hot and Cold), Pipes & Valves for Oil and Gas and other industries, and HVAC accessories.

Our product line consists of Explosion Protection valves, chemical filters, Emergency vehicle exhaust system, industrial and commercial exhausts fans, controls, heating and humidification, cold and hot insulation etc..


The company has the expertise and the ability to supply all electro-mechanical needs for major projects. The engineering and support staff of our division brings you a broad base of scientific and technical knowledge to draw on, coupled with years of practical experience in the Electro Mechanical and Insulation field.

JGP is an approved Fabricator & Exclusive Dealer of Cell-U-Foam for the Middle East area. We recognize the need for providing organized and full range of support to contractors and consultants, from job take off, selections, technical submittal and quotation proposal through financing, purchasing, delivery and after sales services.


Quotations and proposals are carefully prepared by our engineering team after review of engineering drawings and equipment take-off, and with the coordination of our suppliers and manufactures to submit competitive pricing and technical submittal for the proposed equipment within their time period.


Excellent co ordination with the manufactures and suppliers to process the in house orders and to expedite and commit early delivery. Having a good management team to handle the sourcing of manufacturers, order follow up and entry, product inspection, shipping, insurance, and documentation, we are very much confident to handle any type of industrial and commercial projects. Furthermore, we will assist you with any sample requirements from our manufacturers or suppliers that might be needed for submittal and product approval.

Sub Contract , After Sale Service and Maintenance

When necessary the company has expertise to handle Industrial Insulation work for the Industrial and commercial projects and we have an excellent technical team to fabricate with Aluminum and SS sheets and other major insulations.. We are also providing the installation, start-up and maintenance once the equipment is delivered to the job site. We are also committed to provide the after sales service that will ultimately leave you maximum satisfaction on the equipment installed.

Mission & Vision

We are committed to provide the HVAC industry with access to a world class line of innovative, quality Air Control and Distribution Products, backed by exemplary service, through a network of professional and knowledgeable representatives and distributors. We will provide appropriate business development activities and relevant regulatory, legislative, scientific and environmental initiatives in a professional and cost effective manner.

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