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Expanded perlite board or pipe has unique internal structure, which consists of numerous tiny closed air cells, with exterior irregular surface, thereby features good thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

Features of perlite

High operating temperature;

Non-combustible and water repellent;

High compression resistance;

Excellent corrosion and moisture resistance;

Extremely light weight;

Asbestos - free


Cellular Glass Insulation has become widely acceptable as the preferred material for plant piping, vessel, roofing and underground applications. Cellular Glass has proven to out-perform all other insulation material in the worst moisture conditions and remains non-combustible in extreme fire hazard conditions.


Established in 1954 by Tor Gyllensten, Torgy started its’ journey by producing and selling forged parts from a private garage in Tonsberg Norway. Today, Torgy is providing a portfolio of products and services including design, manufacture and supply of LNG fuel systems, pressure vessels and thermal insulated cryogenic supports to the worlds LNG and Oil & Gas Industry. The Torgy Group is an ISO 9001 accredited Company with a Global presence and key strategic operating locations to serve the Worlds LNG and Oil & Gas Processing Industries.



Rock Wool or Mineral Wool is the World’s most versatile insulation material. It is not only a fire safe thermal and acoustic insulation for comprehensive range of construction, industrial, agriculture and marine applications, but it also saves energy drastically and improves the environment. Our high quality Azel Rock Wool products, meet the international standards.

Our Azel rock wool products have been approved by Aramco, Sceco and Sabic as a supplier for all their needs of insulation materials.

3i Aluminium

3i Aluminium, based in Bahrain is a division of JGB International Group, and is one of the major manufacturers and suppliers of aluminium and stainless steel roll jacketing for a variety of petro-chemical, oil and gas, and insulation projects in the Middle East. With experience and sound technical knowledge, 3i Aluminium is able to provide good engineering solutions and assist our customers with their various requirements.